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Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right dog trainer can be one of the most important decisions you make in your dog's life. The techniques that a trainer uses can strongly affect how you interact with your dog for years to come. Therefore, it is very important to choose your trainer wisely.


Southern Paws Training uses effective, fun, humane, force-free, and science-based methods. 

We use positive reinforcement to get behavior and an event marker called a clicker, that tells the dog "YES! That is exactly what I like!" and the reward following it says, "Do THAT again!"

Tools We Use:

  • Clicker

  • Food rewards

  • Praise

  • Toys

  • A humane harness

  • A regular flat buckle collar and 4-6 foot leash

  • Head collar or muzzle if needed


Tools We DON'T Use:

  • Leash corrections (on any collar – flat, martingale, choke, or prong)

  • Shock collars, pinch collars, prong collars

  • Spray bottles (we don't want our dogs to have a fear of being sprayed right?!)

  • Scary noises (tossing bags full of chains or coins at dogs)

  • Physical corrections (pokes, jabs, smacks, pinches, kicks, force dog into desired position)

  • Yelling and intimidation (growling or staring at dogs)


Dogs are our family and should be treated as such. We offer easy dog training solutions that you will enjoy teaching and your dog will enjoy learning. Benefits of positive reinforcement training...


  • Promotes creativity

  • Replace behaviors we don't like such as begging at the table, with something we want, like lying on a mat while humans eat

  • Dogs learn quickly

  • Strengthens your bond and trust

  • Dogs learn faster with clicker training than with punishment-based methods

  • Behaviors are retained and not forgotten

  • Easy to train simple to complex and precise behaviors

  • Brings shy/nervous dogs out of their shell


Katie Midkiff, KPA CTP

Katie graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior in May 2013 and started Southern Paws Training thereafter. Her love for animals pushes her to continue education in the field of training, behavior, holistic health, dog sports, and allows her to help you better understand your dog. Her fun, science-based approach to training will have a lasting impact and may even change your whole life! 

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