Private In-Home Training

Southern Paws Training offers private, affordable, convenient, and customizable lessons in the comfort your home. We provide dog training services to Crosby, Huffman, Kingwood, Humble, and Atascocita. Extra charges may apply for locations outside these areas.


If you are outside of our service area we can refer you to another trainer with a similar set of skills and training methods! Email me for references. We can also do virtual dog training sessions.



Initial Consultation- $95 (if buying a prepaid package this fee will be eliminated)


Pay-Per-Session - WAS $110/hr NOW $95/hr


Prepaid Package of 5 In-Home Training Sessions - WAS $500NOW $450

($90 each session)


Prepaid Package of 8 In-Home Training Sessions -  WAS $760  NOW $680  

($85 each session)

Training for All Ages
  •     8 weeks old or 12 years old, we can help train him!


  •     By seven weeks of age puppies are well developed mentally and can function at nearly an adult level. We can take advantage of this and start training as early as possible!


  • As long as your senior dog is still physically and mentally capable of performing the behaviors you want, we can make training successful! 

How In-Home Training Works:


  • Contact me. We discuss the issues you are having, where you live, and when is a good time to meet each other.

  • Next, meet with our trainer for about 1.5 hours. We discuss your goals, go over training basics, develop a management plan and our next course of action.

  • We proceed with 5-8, one hour weekly sessions, building behaviors in relation with your goals! 

Basic Manners


Who is this for: Dog that are new to positive reinforcement training, over 16 weeks of age, including older middle-aged and senior dogs as well. 


Description: This class focuses on skills that your dog will need for the rest of his life. The dog will learn self-control, how to politely get what he wants, gain confidence, curiosity, and intelligence.


Syllabus (including but not limited to):

  • Targeting

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Settle on a Mat

  • Shaping Games

  • Focus, Attention/Name Response

  • Loose-Leash Walking

  • Recall Exercises

  • Wait/Intro to Stay

  • Leave it/Take it

Puppy Start Right


Who this is for: Puppies 8-20 weeks old.

Puppies will learn:

  • Come

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Attention

  • Targeting

  • Leave it/Drop it

  • Beginning leash manners


Get help with common puppy issues such as nipping, chewing, digging, counter surfing, jumping, and house training. We also go over puppy socialization and I like to do two "field trips" to a new area! 


Behavior Modification

   This is for dogs having trouble with: 

  • Aggression/fear/reactivity towards other dogs, humans, inanimate objects. 

  • Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding (protecting bones, toys, etc.)

  • Handling sensitivity