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When you added that new puppy, rescue, or stray dog into your home, you probably had butterflies and knew there would be some bumps along the way. But somehow it's worse than you expected. The dog doesn't know what is safe or unsafe, what to chew or not chew, where to lay or not lay. With no direction they'll respond in ways we don't understand. Dogs will get reactive, fearful, loud, hyperactive, or destructive. 

You don't have to resort to relinquishing the dog, you just need some help. Solutions are easier than you think.

This part requires some imagination. Picture this:

  • Upon returning home, your home is the way you left it, instead of your couch pillows being chewed up.

  • When you sweep or vacuum your dog lies quietly on their bed, instead of biting and lunging.

  • A few guests arrive, your dog goes to his mat, and sits until released for petting, instead of jumping up. 

  • You take your dog for a walk, your dog doesn't pull your arm out of it's socket, and happily trots along beside you!

  • Your dog bolts out of the front door. Your dog is running around sniffing the neighbor's yard, you call your dog and he runs back to you!

It may seem impossible, but it's not. You don't need to be a dog trainer, you can do it through small and gradual changes to your everyday life with your dog! Your dog doesn't have to be a Border Collie, he can do this no matter what age or breed! All you need is patience, understanding, communication, and a positive approach! 

Private Lessons

For puppies, behavior issues, to basic manners, we focus on your needs and custom tailor our training plan. We come to you and coach you and your dog as a team! Get ready because we give homework!

Image by Chewy
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