Frequently Asked Questions

Why a click and not a word?


    Humans are highly verbal creatures, but our pets are not. It can be difficult for them to pick out a single word from the stream of meaningless words they hear us speak every day.  The click is very precise and always the same, it's meaning never varies. Unlike our voices, which can say the same word in different ways, and so express different emotions or meanings each time. The click only means one thing: a reward is coming because what you did when you heard the click. It is always directed at the animal, and it is always good news.

Do I have to carry a clicker and treats with me forever?


    No. Once a behavior is learned and on cue, you can put the clicker away as its only for training a behavior. We can maintain the behavior by replacing clicks and treats with less intensive rewards including petting, praise, whatever your dog enjoys most! Learned cues and behaviors are also maintained by real-life rewards: for example sitting quietly at the door is rewarded by opening the door so that the dog can go out.

What about shy, abused, or neglected dogs? How would you train them?


    Upon initial consultation I would note anything that the dog is uncomfortable with, such as the dog prefers when I sit during the session rather than stand and walk around. I would train them the same way I would any other dog. During training we are always very quiet which is helpful for shy or neglected dogs. You will start to see your shy or neglected dog blossom, becoming more interested in humans, more curious, confident, and happy.

Where are you located? 

    I live in Crosby, Texas but do not currently have a facility so I do private in-home lessons. I travel to you at your convenience. I provide services to Huffman, Crosby, Highlands, Atascocita, Kingwood, and more! Please see my "Private Training" page for more information!